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Domain Transfer FAQ's

How much does it cost to transfer a domain?

GKG.NET's pricing is based competitively with other domain registrars and is therefore always changing. The current pricing however can be seen here. If you would like a direct quote for your transfer please contact us at

Back to top What if the transfer does not go through?

GKG.NET has a Risk Free transfer policy. If your transfer fails for any reason, we will not charge your credit card. You can at anytime, start a new transfer by simply going to:

Back to top How many days does the transfer take to complete?

Transfers can take up to 12 days to complete. The average time however is about 6 days.

To speed this process up, we encourage you to respond to any and all emails sent to the contacts requesting authorization.

Back to top What if the domain has expired with the current registrar?

If the domain has expired with the current registrar, you will need to renew with the current registrar or ask for special permission to transfer the domain without first renewing with them. (see next question.

Back to top How soon after I renew with the current registrar can I transfer my domain to GKG?

If the domain expires and you renew the domain within 45 days past the expiration date, you will want to wait until the 46th day to transfer the domain. There is a registry rule that states that any domain renewed and transferred within 45 days past the expiration will lose the year paid to the losing registrar.

Example: If expires with registrar ABC on January 1, 2012 and the customer renews the domain on the February 10, 2012, the customer will want to wait to transfer the domain name on the 46 day after the expiration date (after February 15, 2012).

Note: Some registrars also have a policy that you can not transfer for 60 days after renewing a domain. You need to check with the losing registrar if they have such a policy.

Back to top What if I need to pay by check or money order?

If you need to pay by check or money order, you will be directed to follow the manual transfer process.

To do a manual process, you need to make sure that the domain is in good standing (IE: not expired) at your current registrar, unlock the domain (many registrars lock their domains against transfers), and obtain the authorization (also known as the EPP) code.

Send that information along with your GKG account name, and your payment (include a $15 check handling fee), to:

C/O: Domain Transfer Dept.
PO BOX 1450
Bryan, TX 77806 Back to top What is a transfer contact?

A transfer contact is usually the current registrant for the domain or an authorized agent for the domain. If there is a problem with the transfer on our side, we will send a notification to the transfer contact.

Back to top What if I do not have a GKG account name?

If you do not have a GKG account name to use for the transfer, please complete the online creation form.

Back to top How soon after I register a domain, am I able to transfer it?

Per ICANN and registry policy, the domain must be at least 60 days old before a transfer will be allowed to another registrar.

Back to top How do I transfer my domains if I am a GKG reseller?

To transfer a domain as a GKG reseller, you can transfer as you would normally, and once the transfer is completed, send an email to requesting that we associate your newly transferred domain to your reseller account.

Back to top What if a contact does not respond to the authorization email?

If GKG.NET does not receive an authorization within 5 days, the domain is automatically transferred, unless the domain has the Transfer Lock option set to ON. Then the transfer is automatically rejected.

Back to top Who will receive the authorization email from GKG?

Only the Registrant and/or Administrative contacts listed in the whois database for the domain will receive the email authorization.

Back to top What will my current registrar require for the transfer?

In almost all cases, you will need to verify that your email address as listed in the WHOIS database is correct and that you can receive email there, you will need to unlock the domain if it is locked, and you will need to obtain the authorization code.

Back to top Why should I transfer my domains to GKG?

In addition to our commitment to providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in our industry. GKG will also add an additional year of registration to your domain totally FREE of charge once the transfer is completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Back to top If I am already a GKG customer can I add a domain name to my existing account (GKG account name) during the transfer process?

You can add as many domain names as you wish, simply enter your existing account name in the spaces provided instead of creating a new username.

Back to top My domain expires in 2 days. Do I have time to transfer my domain?

Yes, it can transfer within that short of a time in a perfect scenario. However, we do not recommend that you leave such a short amount of time to do so. Once the transfer has been submitted, we will send the authorization email(s). Once we receive a response, we will initiate the transfer. It could take 6 to 12 days for the transfer to complete.

Now as long as you have APPROVED the transfer *BEFORE* the domain has expired, the transfer in most cases will still go through even if the domain is expired. This is NOT always the case however, and is purely up to the losing registrar.

Back to top Can a Transfer of Registrar request be rejected?

The losing registrar has the ability to reject a domain name transfer request that is initiated by GKG.NET for any of the following reasons:

  • Evidence of fraud
  • UDRP action
  • Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction
  • Reasonable dispute over the identity of the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact
  • No payment for previous registration period (including credit card charge-backs) if the domain name is past its expiration date or for previous or current registration periods if the domain name has not yet expired. In all such cases, however, the domain name must be put into "Registrar Hold" status by the Registrar of Record prior to the denial of transfer.
  • Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. - email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means)
  • A domain name was already in “lock status” provided that the Registrar provides a readily accessible and reasonable means for the Registered Name Holder to remove the lock status.
  • A domain name is in the first 60 days of an initial registration period.
  • A domain name is within 60 days (or a lesser period to be determined) after being transferred (apart from being transferred back to the original Registrar in cases where both Registrars so agree and/or where a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs).
The transfer contact will be notified via email in the event that the domain name cannot be transferred.

Back to top How do I authorize the transfer?

Once you have initiated the transfer with us, we will send the current registrant or administrative contact an email requesting authorization to transfer the domain. To accept or reject the transfer, the contact will need to log in with the unique URL with the unique username and a unique challenge key. The challenge key is a series of letters and/or numbers. The contact must agree to abide by GKG's service agreement found here.

Back to top How much time do I have to answer the authorization emails?

We give you five full days to answer the authorization emails we send.

Back to top Why was my domain transfer rejected?

Some of the most common reasons a domain transfer fails are:

  1. The domain is expired or very close to expiring
  2. No response to the authorization emails
  3. The authorization email was denied by a contact
  4. The domain is on registrar lock/hold or registry lock/hold
  5. The domain has the Transfer Lock option enabled
  6. The wrong authorization code was used
Ultimately, you would need to check with the losing registrar to find out the reason.

Back to top How can I check the status of my domain transfer?

You may check the status of your transfer at any time by going to the Transfer View section of our web site. This does not apply to Manual Transfers.

Back to top What happens if the domain registrant tried to transfer a domain but authorization is denied or no domain contacts respond?

The domain is automatically transferred, unless the domain has the Transfer Lock option set to ON. Then the transfer is automatically rejected. GKG users must now unlock the transfer before transferring away from GKG.

Back to top My transfer request was rejected. How soon can I resubmit my request?

The request can be resubmitted as soon as the transfer batch is closed. To look up the transfer status, log in here. If you try to resubmit the request while the current batch is open, the request will be denied.

Back to top I submitted a transfer request to GKG but the email address that the current registrar has on file is incorrect. How soon can I resubmit my request?

The request can be resubmitted as soon as the transfer batch is closed. To look up the transfer status, log in here. If you try to resubmit the request while the current batch is open, the request will be denied.

We recommend that you contact the registrar and have the email address changed. If the batch is not closed by the time that the email address is changed, please send a request to requesting that the batch be closed. Once closed, GKG will send a confirmation email and you will be able to resubmit the transfer request.

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