FAQs – Registrant Verification

Who is the Registrant?

The Registrant is the Owner of the domain name. Please note that although the verification process is required for all GKG.NET accounts, domains will only be suspended if the Registrant is not verified.

Back to top What is the validation process?

The validation process is a 15 day window during which a contact must provide an affirmative response to an email that GKG.NET will send to them. The email contains a link that the contact is asked to click. When they click this link, they are taken to a page that displays the organization name, email address, first and last name that is associated with their GKG.NET account. The validation page also includes a link to the domain registration terms and conditions and a check box that they must click to indicate that they agree to those terms and conditions. Failure to respond to this email will result in either reversal of the contact details to previously verified contact details (if possible), or, suspension of all domain names owned by the contact.

If a domain name is suspended, the website and email service for the domain will stop working. A validation page will be displayed instead.

Back to top What does "suspended" mean?

Suspended means that the domain's nameservers will be changed so that a "This domain is suspended" will be displayed. The site's email and website will not work while the domain is suspended. Domains that are suspended cannot be modified.

Back to top What information does the registrant need to validate?

GKG.NET validates four pieces of registrant contact data: Organization, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. When a new account is created, or when a registrant purchases a domain, transfers a domain, or updates their contact information, GKG.NET first checks to see if a previously validated record exists for that exact same combination of Organization, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. If an exact match exists, the contact information will be considered validated and no further action is required. If an exact match does not exist, the registrant will be sent an email asking them to validate their Organization, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Back to top Which TLDs does this process apply to?

The validation process applies to all TLDs GKG.NET offers.

Back to top What action will trigger the validation process?

Any new registration, transfer in, contact updates, or bounce of WDRP or mandatory renewal reminders will trigger the validation process.

Back to top What else will trigger the validation process?

If the Whois Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) email or the ERRP (Day 30 and Day 5 Renewal Notices) bounce, then domain will enter the validation process

Back to top Will previously registered domain names require validating as of Jan 1st 2014?

No, we do not have to retroactively validate domain names. However, note that updates to any of the four pieces of contact information that GKG.NET is required to validate will cause the domain to enter the validation process.

Back to top How many emails will a registrant receive once the validation process has started?

A registrant will receive an email to validate their contact on day 0, day 5, day 10, and day 13. On day 16, if they have not verified their contact information, they will receive an email informing them that their domain name(s) have been suspended.

On day 10 and 13, the Administrative, Technical, and Billing contacts will also receive emails notifying them that the domain(s) contact information has not been verified. These emails however, do not include the link to verify the domain registration details (that can only be sent to the registrant email address).

Back to top How do I resend the email?

When you log into your account at GKG.NET, a banner will be displayed at the top of the page with a link to resend the email.

Back to top Its day 80, and the Registrant wants to validate their name. What do they do?

The registrant can simply log into their account at GKG.NET and click the Resend Email link at the top of the page to resend the verification email. Additionally, if the Registrant has any domains that are suspended, they can use the "Resend Email" form on the suspended domain names web page.

Back to top How long will it take for my suspended domain to come back online after I validate my information?

Your domain should come back online within a few seconds, but due to caching issues and the way DNS works, it will take up 24-48 hours for your web site to come back online for everyone.

Back to top My domain is suspended due to a bounced WDRP or ERRP notice so I can't receive the validation email. What do I do?

The registrant should login to their account at GKG.NET and update their email address. This will trigger the validation process if necessary.

Back to top If a domain is suspended, cant it still be renewed?


Back to top One of my domains WDRP or ERRP notices has bounced. Does that mean all of my domains with the same contact information will enter the validation process?

Yes. If a WDRP or ERRP notice bounces, GKG.NET must treat this as an indication that the email address is invalid. All domains associated with that email address will enter the verification process.

Back to top If the registrant updates their address using the GKG.NET website, does the validation email only go to the new address? Is the previous address required to do anything?

Registrants are required to validate the new email address only and only the new address will receive validation emails.

Back to top When are the validation emails sent out?

All emails are sent out immediately as soon as they are due. If a customer manually re-sends the validation email through the website, it gets sent out immediately.

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