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GKG.NET, INC. | Authorization to Replace a Username

    Use this form if:
  • You are NOT listed as a contact for the domain
  • You ARE an authorized member of the domains' organization

Please complete, print, and then fax this document once it has been signed and (if possible) notarized to:

GKG.NET, INC. • FAX: 281-617-5825

Important: This document must be signed by one of the contacts associated with this domain, and with authorization from the Registrant to make this change. If the Registrant is a business or organization as noted in the Organization Field, then this document must be signed by someone authorized to sign on behalf of the Business or Organization.

Authorization to Replace a Username
Please review all of your information in this document before you print it
(you may change up to 5 domains at one time with this form)
Support Ticket No. (RT#):
Domain #1:
Domain #2:
Domain #3:
Domain #4:
Domain #5:
Contact type you want to change:
GKG Username Now:
New GKG Username:

I am authorized to make these changes on behalf of the Organization named as Registrant of these domains, as it is listed in the whois database located at this address:


Or if no Organization is listed, I have the authorization to make these changes on behalf of the contact person listed as the Registrant of these domains.

I authorize GKG.NET representatives to charge the $15.00 administrative fee to this credit card:

Credit Card Number:

Expiration date: CVV: (3 digit number on the back of card.)
Name that appears on the credit card:
Billing Information
City:     State:     Zip:


With this signature I authorize GKG.NET, INC to charge the $15.00 administrative fee to my credit card in order to process this document. I affirm that I have the authorization of the Registrant of these domains to make these changes. I also understand that administrative fees are non-refundable. I understand and agree to follow the GKG.NET Services Agreement found at this link:

Services Agreement

I understand that by initiating this change there is the possibility of having these domains kept in a state of "Registrar Lock" for up to one year, at the full discretion of GKG.NET personnel, for protection against fraud.

Printed Name: Tel. No.:
Email Account:

Please print this document after filling out all of the proper fields, signing it, and confirming the signature with a Notary Public (if possible), and fax it to this number in the US: 281-617-5825