Domain Parking

GKG.NET, INC. is the one stop for all of our customer's e-Commerce needs, offering multiple choices throughout all our services. When it comes to Domain Registration, GKG offers the best prices, the best service and three options for DNS entries. For those customers that do not have their own DNS, GKG.NET, INC. offers high quality and affordable hosting options that will satisfy any need and two inexpensive Domain Reservation/Parking services:

Prices represented below are for domains registered with GKG.NET.

1) Deluxe Parking ($2.95/year) allows you the ability to use and administer additional domain services such as:

All for only $2.95/year! And no training required. The administrative modules are so simple, it's just point, type and click. Click here to sign up for this service.

2) Basic Parking (FREE) includes:

There is no charge for this service! Click here to sign up for this service.

* Manage parked domains at our Account and Domain Management section.