Account and Domain Management FAQ's

How do I change the GKG account name associated with my domains?

First, you need to know what GKG account name you are going to change (or transfer ownership) of your domain name to. Remember that all GKG account names are case and space sensitive.

To change any of the four account names associated with a domain name, please log into your My Account page. Once logged in, select the domain name(s) you want to change to the new account name, and click Continue. On each of the 4 contacts, is a "Transfer" button. Click this button and enter the new GKG account name you wish to transfer that particular contact to. In the case of the registrant, there will be a 60 day lock placed on the domain to protect the previous registrant in the event of a fraudulent change. This is outlined in our service agreement.

Back to top How do I edit my contact information associated with my domain?

To change the contact information associated with a GKG account name, please log into your My Account page. Once logged in, you can update your contact info accordingly.

Back to top I forgot my GKG account name, how do I retrieve it?

To retrieve an account name associated with your domain, please visit our Password Recovery system. From here, you have 3 options available in order to have your password reset.

  1. If you know your GKG account name, enter it in the first box and press "GO"
  2. If you know your email address associated with your domain(s), enter it in the 2nd box and press "GO"
  3. If you know the domain name, enter it in the third box and press "GO"

Within minutes, you should receive an email to the email address we have on file for you, and it will contain your GKG account name, as well as a secure link that you can click on, in order to reset your password. Please be aware, the link to reset your password expires in 12 hours. If that happens, you will need to repeat the above step in order to have a new password reset link sent to you.

Back to top What if my email address is no longer valid?

If the email address that is associated with your domain(s) is no longer valid or you can't access it, but you remember the answer to your security question, then please contact our support staff at We will ask you your security question and if you can answer it correctly, we can change the email address for you at no charge.

If however you do not remember the answer to your security question, then an administrative changes letter must be filled out and faxed or emailed to us. There will be a $15.00 administrative fee if that is the case.

Back to top Where can I find the administrative changes letters?

There are 2 letters available.

  • Contact Change Letter - This letter is used to change the contact info for any of the 4 contacts. It MUST be signed by the current registrant. No other person can sign this form.
  • Replace Username Letter - This letter can only be used if the registrant of the Organization listed on the domain is no longer available. An authorized agent or member of the company/organization can sign this form. The new contact MUST first create a GKG account name.

The completed forms must be signed (and preferrably notarized) and then faxed to: 281-617-5825 or 979-314-7130.

The completed forms can also be scanned and emailed to In either of these 2 cases, the decision to change the information is entirely up to GKG, and GKG may also at their discretion place an administrative transfer lock on any domain(s) in question.

Back to top How do I change the nameservers (DNS) associated with my domain?

To change name servers for your domain name, you will first need to log into your My Account page. Once logged in, select the domain name(s) you want to change the name servers on and click Continue. Scroll to the bottom of the control panel and click the CHANGE button. Enter new or replace the existing name servers as desired, and click Submit button. Changes will occur immediately, but it can take up to 48 hours for the name servers to proagate throughout the Internet.

Back to top How do I register my own name server?

To register your own name server, please log into your My Account page. Once logged in, you can enter the hostname and IP address. Your hostname will be your desired name for your name server (IE: ns1.mydomainname.tld), and the IP address is the one that you wish to register to your name server (hostname).
NOTE: IP Addresses can be in either IPV4 or IPV6 format.

Back to top How do I change/modify my registered name server's IP address?

To modify your name server's IP address, go to our Register/Modify a DNS section, fill in the form and press submit to provide GKG with the needed information. You MUST meet the following criteria for your form to be processed:

  1. The parent domain must be registered with GKG (ex: if you want to modify DNS.FOO.COM, DNS.FOO.COM must first be registered with GKG.NET).
  2. Your IP number must be static (excludes servers with cable modem with DHCP assigned IP numbers).
  3. Your IP number must not be associated with any existing DNS (ask your ISP if you are not sure).
  4. Request must come from current Registrant or current Administrative/Technical contact.
There is no charge for this service unless multiple changes are requested within a short period of time.

Back to top How do I manage my parked domains?

To manage your parked domains, please visit our Account and Domain Management section and log in using the username and password associated with the domain. If you successfully log into the account, you will see your domains that are associated with that username. If you do not successfully log in, you will be prompted to log in again, this means that you used either the wrong username or password (remember both are case and space sensitive). If you log in and do not see any domains, that means that you successfully logged in but that account does not have any domains associated with it (you should go to Forgot Password/GKG Username to retrieve the information.

Once you have logged in, select the domain that you wish to modify (if you only have one, it will already be selected). Select the "Parking Configuration" option in the Extra Services box and you can make any changes to the parking features of your domain.

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