Private Registration

Protect Your Domain Registration Information for Only $2.85/year

Spammers can harvest personal contact information out of the Whois database, where it is required that contact information for every domain's owner be stored. To prevent your personal information from being colleceted for exploitation we offer Private Registration, a service that anonymizes your contact data.

We basically become your forwarding service, providing our own contact information in place of yours. In the event anyone should wish to reach you, we will forward their message to you.

To take advantage of private registration, simply follow the steps below.

    Private Domain Registration:
  1. Search for a new domain (you can do that here)
  2. Check 'Private Registration' on the "Select Services" page of checkout
  3. OR: If you already have a domain, you can add the service here

Your contact information will now be protected! We will list our own contact information for your domain, while you remain in full-control as the Registrant of your domain. Any emails or faxes that are sent will be forwarded on to you privately.

To report Abuse, please email

For Tardemark Disputes, please see our Domain Name Dispute Policy page.