Authorization for DNS Changes

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This document must be signed by one of the contacts associated with this domain, and with authorization from the Registrant to make this change. If the Registrant is a business or organization as noted in the Organization Field, then this document must be signed by someone authorized to sign on behalf of the Business or Organization.

Authorization for DNS Changes

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I am the Registrant or I have authorization from the Registrant to make changes to the following domains:

The Registrant authorizing these changes is the same Registrant found in the current whois database found at this link:

GKG.NET Whois Service

Please make the following changes to these domains:

Change the DNS associated with these domains in this manner:


Example      NS1.ABC.COM                     to      NS4.MYNEWDNS.ORG

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With this signature I authorize GKG.NET, INC to charge the $15.00 administrative fee to my credit card in order to process this document. I affirm that I have the authorization of the Registrant of these domains to make these changes. I also understand that administrative fees are non-refundable. I understand and agree to follow the GKG.NET Services Agreement found at this link:

I understand that by initiating this change there is the possibility of having these domains kept in a state of "Registrar Lock" for up to one year, at the full discretion of GKG.NET personnel, for protection against fraud.

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