Benefits of Choosing GKG?
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Who Can Be A Partner?

Anyone who would like to register domains from their web site using GKG's cutting edge domain registration system!

GKG's Partner Program is designed to allow our Partners to seamlessly interface with GKG's domain registration system and provide extremely competitive pricing.

What Does A Partner Get In Return?

A Partner receives the following benefits from GKG:

  • Extremely competitive discount pricing!
  • Access to GKG's comprehensive SuperSRS API!
  • Access to GKG's industry leading customer support services!
  • Customized payment options!
  • Discounts on other GKG services!
  • Complete control over their domain registration customers!
  • Complete control over the custom interface to GKG's domain registration system!
  • Award winning technical support if needed to set up their customer interface to GKG's domain registration system!

How do I become a Partner?

  1. Complete and submit our Reseller Application. Please keep a record of the information you provide.
  2. Review and sign our Partner Terms and Conditions. Keep a copy of your Signature Page in your records.
  3. Mail or fax the Signature Page of the Term and Conditions to:

    Attention: Reseller Director

    Mailing address:
    302 N. Bryan Ave.
    Bryan, TX 77803