Web Hosting FAQ's


What is Hosting?

Hosting is a service in which a website is stored on a server that is specially designed for websites. GKG.NET uses the very popular cPanel control panel for all of our shared web hosting customers.

Back to top What if I haven't chosen a hosting service for my site?

If you have not yet chosen a company to host your site, GKG is able to help! Visit the Hosting section on our web site to order one of our comparable hosting packages.

Back to top What are GKG's hosting prices?

We have packages that will fit any set of requirements. Our hosting packages start as low as $3.59/month. For more details, visit the Hosting section on our web site.

Back to top How do I decide if I want to host using a Windows or Linux server?

Either Linux or Windows can work for you. The operating system that you use on your computer should not govern your choice of hosting platform. All GKG.NET, INC. web hosting packages come with FTP access and a wide range of web page publishing options.

If, for example, your computer runs on Microsoft® Windows®, you are not obligated to choose the Microsoft web hosting package. GKG.NET, INC. recommends Linxu/Unix web hosting packages (Running on cPanel).

- Linux web hosting

Linux is considered to be the popular operating system for web hosting servers. If you plan to incorporate work that uses PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the solution you should choose. Even if you use Microsoft FrontPage Extensions to design your website, you should choose the Linux web hosting package. Linux is also more secure and more robust as far as web hosting servers are concerned.

- Windows web hosting

You should only choose Windows web hosting if you are going to integrate Microsoft SQL (MSSQL), Micorsoft Access, or Active Server Pages (ASP) or ASP.NET.

Back to top How do I set up my email?

If you are hosting with GKG, simply follow the steps on our Video Tutorials.

Back to top What server should I use for my email?

For Hosting customers:

Incoming Mail Server: mail.(yourdomainname.tld). EXAMPLE: mail.mydomain.net

Outgoing (SMTP) Server:It is recommended that you use your ISP's SMTP mail server for sending emails.

For Dialup customers:

Incoming Mail Server: pop.gkg.net

Outgoing (SMTP) Server: smtp.gkg.net

For Deluxe Parking customers:

Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.tld (or ultimately you could use park01.gkg.net). EXAMPLE: mail.yourdomain.com

Outgoing (SMTP) Server:You must obtain the SMTP mail server from your ISP for sending emails.

Back to top What is Bandwidth/Transfer?

Bandwidth/Transfer is a measurement taken monthly for hosting accounts that includes all throughput for a domain. This includes all FTP updates and web requests.

Back to top What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the protocol in which GKG hosting customers add and remove material from their website. You would normally use a file transfer client such as FileZilla to transfer your files.

Back to top What hosting guarantees does GKG offer?

GKG offers a Service Level Agreement

Back to top I would like to learn more about GKG's Hosting Reseller programs.

Please visit our Hosting Resellers section. Back to top What is a POP/IMAP email account?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol and IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. This is the email account provided for you to receive email through one of the following services: hosting, Deluxe Parking or Internet dial-up (POP only).

Please note that this account does not allow you to send email unless you are using GKG's web hosting or dial-up service. Your Internet service provider should provide the outgoing mail server.

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