Internet Software Links

Your GKG Dial up Internet service uses a standard communications interface for which a large number of programs have been developed. Many of these programs are available free of charge, or for evaluation. The following Sites are some of the best software repositories available on the Internet.

GKG Software:
GKG's 5X Web Accelerator Windows
GKG's 5X Web Accelerator Macintosh
Software Download Sites:
Adobe Reader Adobe Download Site
Adobe Flash Player Adobe Download Site
Download the latest browsers:
Mozilla Firefox Firefox Download Site
Microsoft Internet Explorer Explorer Download Site
Spyware Removal software:
Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D) Download Site
Ad-Aware Download Site
Virus Protection software:
Norton Anti-Virus Download Site
McAfee Virus Scanner Download Site
Avast Download Site
AVG Download Site
Thunderbird Download Site
Microsoft Outlook Download Site
WS_FTP Ipswitch's WS_FTP
Filezilla Filezilla
Html Editor:
KompoZer Nvu's KompoZer
GKG Dial up does not limit, monitor, or censor the materials available by or through its service, for more information on this policy, read our acceptable use policy.